Most Expensive iPhone Apps


Today’s society is very far on the go. Laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, all came out from the necessity and urge to keep moving at the rate of life. The iPhone 3G is the latest invention from Apple, combining a PDA and cell phone into one lightweight package.

However, it will not stop there. While the majority are free or very cheap, the others include a hefty pricetag. Listed below are a few which can be at the top of that list.

ROSIE homeautomation, Savant Systems LLC ($199.99) – ROSIE provides you control of your home’s electronic methods, from security systems into A/V equipment to light, all dental app through your iPhone. With the capacity to track and correct them as desired, it’s like using an all-in-one handheld remote controller in your cell phone.

IRealEstate, Fang Chi ($199.99) – A thorough database management application for the real estate market with all the buyer and realtor in mind. Manage their preferences, homes offered and viewed, all accessible at a touch of the screen.

Lexi-Comp,” Lexi-Comp Inc. ($119.99 to $299.99) – Each of the info that a medical or doctor could need delivered to your iPhone. Even the Lexi-Comp data bases cover every topic from the medical business and are available in modules to fit your requirements, from individual fields to your comprehensive package. Lexi-Comp tracks official sources of clinical advice and upgrades consistently to guarantee you always have the most accurate and recent data at your disposal.

MyAccountsToGo, CBR-Technology Corp. ($449.99) – to the company manager on the go, thiese programs provide remote access to corporate accounts and financial management systems from the palm of your hands. Review customer, sales and item transactions, manage quotes, sales orders and invoices, backorders and yields, all in real time together with Microsoft Dynamics GP and also SAP BusinessOne servers.

IRa Pro, Lextech Labs LLC ($899.99) – Placing remote video surveillance in your palms, the iRa Pro app may be the answer for a mobile control center. With some this screen it’s possible to get and manage live video feeds, even controlling the pan, tilt and zoom, shooting and capturing still graphics and a whole lot more. A similar version named iRa Direct is also from the App Store and sells for $499, although this variant communicates strictly with cameras along with digitizers. A boon for private security and first responders likewise.

All these are simply a glimpse of a number of those most costly iPhone apps available on the industry. Other software have come and gone with price tags just as weighty. Some remain round which can perform similar functions to those ones listed here, however this is truly a case of getting what you cover. And as technology expands, so will the purposes of these mobile programs we utilize, if you are ready to pay the price.

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